Globalized Next-Gen Smart Contract Platform

Globalized Smart Contract Platform that transforms the way people transact and liberates them from
decentralized structures, offering true financial freedom. Decentralized Matrix Project’s smart contract
is publicly and perpetually available to view on the Tron Blockchain.

  • Zero Risk

    Decentralized technologies are resistant to hacks and have no risk factors associated with third parties since those third parties are non-existent.

  • Smart Contract

    A smart contract is a computer –programmed code containing a stringent criteria that must be satisfied before a transaction will be approved. Smart Contracts get executed by the blockchain nodes, as a result, processing transactions that are submitted by the user itself.

  • Instant Transaction Payments

    Withdrawals are made instantly without centralized entities monitoring your transactions, that is, only the sender and the receiver are involved. There is no hoarding in the system; the income belongs only to you.

  • Lucidity and Anonymity

    Transaction Transmitted to the Tron blockchain is always ready for the show. Anyone can view the code and see the entire transaction. Though transactional records are transparent, identities are protected.

  • Non-hierarchical structured

    We divide each team based on the same access to our platforms to provide an unbiased crypto ecosystem to everyone with equality.

  • Decentralization

    No mediators or associator, only the creators who are equal participants in the project, like each and every one.

  • Immutability Features

    Based on Tron blockchain, the benefits path from other members directly into your personal wallet with the innate features of the technology where the record transmitted and stored are immutable and hack-proof.

  • Transactional Surety

    Surety professionals educate the client on the value of their expertise. Network nodes irrevocably record and ubiquitously store the transactional history of network partners on the Tron blockchain & it cannot be substitute slandered or deprived whatsoever.

Daily ROI 1%

1% of the deposited amount is paid daily to all users by the system algorithm, up to point when the maximum deposit limit is reached (i.e. 360 % max).

Suppose that you support the fund with 1000 TRX; you can now receive 3600 TRX back Daily you will receive 10 TRX until 360 days, or until the maximum limit is achieved by any of the other 3 ways, whichever is reached first.

Direct Commission

Awarded to Sponsor when a Direct Partner makes a deposit: first deposit and re-deposits.

This is 10% of the deposited amount (i.e. Direct Partner deposits 1000 TRX, you receive 100 TRX as your Commission).

There are NO LIMITS to how many Direct Partners you can have.

*All Commissions apply toward the 3.6x limit

Matching Commission

The matching commission is based upon your partners 1% daily return

The matching is awarded every time a downline partner makes a withdrawal of this 1% daily return.

*The levels of matching you receive on is based upon how many direct partners you personally sponsored.

One level added for each direct referral.

Awarded to Sponsor when a Direct Partner makes a deposit: first deposit and re-deposits.

Minimum and Maximum deposits limits

1st deposit, minimum deposit 100 TRX,
up to 100,000 TRX

2nd deposit, must be equal or greater than previous,
up to 300,000 TRX

3rd deposit, must be equal or greater than previous,
up to 900,000 TRX

4th deposit and any after, must be equal or greater than previous
up to 2,000,000 TRX


Supported Wallet

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